Texas Three Step

Texas Three Step is a game of control and accuracy.
A single mountain man style knife and sheath is required for this game.
A mountain man knife is a traditional style knife (1810-1880) scaled in bone, wood or leather. A leather sheath is required for this game.

Only the center target is used for this game.

The throwers will start at a minimum of 3 meters or suitable 1-spin distance. The knife will be sheathed at the waist. When instructed to throw, throwers will draw their knife and throw at the center target in one continuous motion. At no point should the knife stop moving before being thrown.

3 knives will be thrown at each distance 1-spin, 2-spin, 3 spin.

Scores are only recorded if the knife is stuck inside of the 3 point ring or better (ex. 3,4,5).