Speed Knives

Speed Knives are a test of your speed.

For this game, knives with a minimum knife length of 30.48cm or 12 inches and a maximum length of 40.64 cm or 16 inches are required. Knives outside of these minimum standard may be allowed by the range master if demonstrated that they can be thrown consistently and safely.

This game can be thrown from either a half spin (2 meter) distance or a full spin (3 meter) distance depending on the competition rules.

The thrower readies their knives for the competition and is allowed 2 thrown knives to gauge their distance.

There are 2 standards that can be applied to this game depending on available equipment.

1- The thrower readies themselves and throws in their own time. A timer will start with the first knife contact. The thrower will have 20 seconds to throw as many knives as they can into the target face.

2- The thrower readies themselves and when instructed to go throws as many knives as they can within 20 seconds into the target face. The timer in this circumstance starts from the word go.

Any knives stuck into the targe after the 20 second time limit are disqualified from the count. The knives stuck in the target face are tallied. The winner is the one who has the most knives stuck in the target.

Competitions may opt to use a single target face or an entire range (3).

IKTHOF in the interest of standardizing this game has created a digital timer with horn that counts down from 20 seconds. This timer can be set in either of the above mentioned game scenarios and encourages accuracy of the timing function.