Knife Quickdraw

Knife Quickdraw is a game of speed and accuracy.
A single mountain man style knife and sheath is required for this game.
A mountain man knife is a traditional style knife found during the period (1810-1880) scaled in bone, wood or leather. The sheath worn at the waist will be made of leather. Minimum length required for the knife is 12 inches or 30.48cm.
At their sole discretion, a competition may waive the rule requiring a mountain man knife and leather sheath.

Only the center target is used for this game.

The throwers will start at a minimum of 3 meters or suitable 1-spin distance. The knife will be sheathed at the waist. The throwing hand may be placed on the knife with fingers open. When instructed to throw, throwers will draw their knife and throw at the center target. The faster of the two throwers of whom sticks their knife inside the 3 ring or better (eg. 3,4,5) wins the round. Games are played as a best of 3 throws. In the case of a tie at the end of the third round, the game goes to sudden death winner being the first person to successfully stick into the target space faster than their co-competitor.

The use of underhand throws as well and no/anti-spin is allowed so long as the rules pertaining to the knife and sheath are followed. Control of the knife must be maintained at all times and if deemed by the range master to be an unsafe throw, the thrower will not be permitted to throw underhand/anti-spin.

Variations on the competition format are allowed depending on circumstances pertaining to attendance and available equipment. This game is typically played in a double elimination format but for such competitions as IKTHOF worlds, there will be a qualifier that will decide the top 10 competitors to play in the double elimination.

IKTHOF aims to create a standard inside the game of quickdraw and uses a light timing system that signals a ready (amber) and go (green). This timing system determines the time taken for a hit down to 1/1000 of a second. Some competitions may use a verbal cue with slow motion cameras to capture who hit first.