Pro Conventional Knife

The standard Pro Conventional Knife event is open to all competitors who have scored above 200 points in an IKTHOF sanctioned competition conventional knife event or someone who has not competed before but would like to compete at the pro level. No thrower shall compete in both pro and amateur conventional knife events. 3 similar knives are required for this event with a minimum knife length of 30.48cm or 12 inches and a maximum length of 40.64 cm or 16 inches. Knives outside of these minimum standard may be allowed by the range master if demonstrated that they can be thrown consistently and safely.

The thrower will throw a total of 60 knives with a maximum available score of 300. Note that all distances are a MINIMUM and throws may be thrown from further back from that point but not in front.

Knives will be thrown from the left target to the right target in order. Knives must be both thrown from the minimum distance (or beyond) AND complete the required number of rotations to be counted for score.

A typical round will be thrown starting at the 3 meter mark or one full spin (handle) distance. The second round is thrown from the 4 meter mark or one and a half spin (blade) distance. The third round is thrown from the 5 meter mark or two spin (handle) distance. The fourth round is thrown from the 6 meter or two and a half spin (blade) distance. The fifth and final round is thrown from the 7 meter or three spin (handle) distance. These 5 rounds make up a set.

4 sets are thrown in a conventional event totaling 60 throws.

After all three knives are thrown, a scorekeeper will approach and score your throws. It is important not to touch any of the knives in the target otherwise on a first offence, a warning will be issued, any subsequent offence will result in a 0 score issued for the knife. When throwing, the competitor must be aware of the minimum distance lines and not cross before the knife has left their hand. If the throw line is crossed, on a first offence, a warning will be issued, for any subsequent offence, a 0 will be issued for the knife.