The Silhouette game is a salute to impalement arts. It is a game of delicate accuracy.

Competitors may use as many knives as they like with a minimum knife length of 30.48cm or 12 inches and a maximum length of 40.64 cm or 16 inches. Knives outside of these minimum standard may be allowed by the range master if demonstrated that they can be thrown consistently and safely.

A character, logo, or fictional entity is painted on a board with multiple targets painted around it. Following the pre-determined pattern, throwers will aim for the targets and throw from either 2 meters (half spin) or 3 meters (one spin). The number of rotations is at the discretion of the competition. Throwers will score one point for each target hit. If the thrower only has 3 knives, they may retrieve after all knives have been thrown and continue the pattern from the last point. If the character is hit, the thrower is disqualified and out of the competition. Only one turn is allowed.

The thrower with the most target hits wins the game.

Competitions may elect to have a bonus target for any decided value should they choose in which case, the thrower with the highest score wins.