Target/Range Rules

IKTHOF Standard targets are Octagonal Targets with a 10.16 cm (4 inches) bullseye. The bullseye is surrounded with concentric rings 5.08 cm (2 inches) wide. Scoring on this target starts at 5 points for the bullseye reducing by one point for each ring. Anything stuck in the target outside of the ringed area is considered a 0.

The IKTHOF standard of scoring will award points based on where the metal of the blade touches the paint (for knives, the tip of the knife must be embedded for the knife to count as a legal stick). In the case that a knife or tomahawk blade crosses between multiple scoring rings, the highest point value will be awarded. NOTE: in the case of a dispute between the thrower and scorer, the rangemaster may be called to decide the final outcome of scoring.

3 standard targets are required for an IKTHOF compliant range lane. These targets are mounted with the center of the bullseye at 152 cm (60 inches), 127 cm (50 inches) and 152 cm (60 inches). Marked along the lane will be markers from 2 meters back to a minimum of 7 meters. Although not required, imperial markers for feet are allowed.

During a standard competition, a designated rangemaster will observe and maintain safety. No thrower shall commence throwing until the range master has called that the range is open. When open, no person shall approach the targets. When all knives or hawks have been thrown, the range master will call for the range to be closed. At this point, it is safe to approach the targets for scoring and to retrieve knives/hawks.

Any knife or tomahawk that falls out of the target before the range master deems the range closed is scored as a drop and therefore a 0.